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To: US Senators and Representatives from Illinois

Tell Illinois Congress Members to Support PPC 1st 100 Day Priorities

Support the 14 Policy Priorities to Heal the Nation: A Moral and Economic Agenda for the First 100 Days.

Why is this important?

The Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival continues to push the new federal administration to support the 14 Policy Priorities and establish plans of action for the first 100 days of office. As the new administration takes seat in DC, it is equally important that Illinois legislators support the priorities to ensure that the US Congress works alongside the administration to support a new moral and economic agenda.

On behalf of the 140 million poor and low-income people in the country, the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival – and our 45 state coordinating committees, thousands of religious leaders, scholars, economists, advocates and hundreds of supporting organizations – insists that the following policies from the Poor People’s Jubilee Platform take precedence during the first 50-100 days of the new administration and 117th Congress.

Our 14 Policy Priorities:
1. Enact comprehensive, free and just COVID-19 relief
2. Guarantee quality health care for all, regardless of any pre-existing conditions
3. Raise the minimum wage to $15 / hour immediately
4. Update the poverty measure
5. Guarantee quality housing for all
6. Enact a federal jobs program to build up investments, infrastructure, public institutions, climate resilience, energy efficiency and socially beneficial industries and jobs in poor and low-income communities
7. Protect and expand voting rights and civil rights
8. Guarantee safe, quality and equitable public education, with supports for protection against re-segregation
9. Comprehensive and just immigration reform
10. Ensure all of the rights of indigenous peoples
11. Enact fair taxes
12. Use the power of executive orders
13. Redirect the bloated Pentagon budget towards these priorities as matters of national security
14. Work with the Poor People’s Campaign to establish a permanent Presidential Council to advocate for this bold agenda

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the signatures to the Illinois Congressional Members.

Illinois, USA

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