To: Senator Klobuchar and Representative Clyburn

Make sure Congress supports affordable, accessible broadband

Please work to make sure Congress passes the affordability and digital inclusion provisions of the Affordable Accessible Internet for All Act no matter what. No matter what vehicle moves through Congress this year, we're counting on you to make sure laws pass that will make affordable accessible broadband a reality for all peopel.

Why is this important?

Representative James Clyburn and Senator Amy Klobuchar have been leading the effort to ensure all people have access to affordable broadband internet.

They know that many people cannot afford to buy internet, or that it is not available near their homes to begin with. They know that people can't start to learn how to use the internet unless they have members of their community beside them helping them choose and get online.

People of color and low-income people face much lower broadband adoption rates. We need a permanent broadband benefit to make the internet more affordable, digital inclusion programs to help people sign up and use technology and programs that will bring broadband infrastructure where it's not yet availble.