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To: U.S. Senate

We Declare Judgment on the Sins of the Senate

We are demanding the U.S. Senate put an immediate stop to the sins of stealing the Supreme Court, stopping police reform, suppressing the vote, sabotaging the USPS, stopping COVID relief bills, stealing healthcare, stifling living wages, and separating families.

(photo credit: Josh Rushing)

Why is this important?

Woe unto those who legislate evil and rob the poor of their rights -Isaiah 10

We declare that no matter how much power humanity thinks it has, there is still the power of the people and the power of the moral arc of the universe. There is still the power of the Creator we still believe in.

Any earthly power that tries to undermine these inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is wrong and must be altered. That’s not an idea we came up with. That’s what the Founders of this nation wrote down on paper.

We know that to undermine the establishment of justice, the provision for the common defense, promoting the general welfare, ensuring domestic tranquility, and guaranteeing equal protection under the law is a violation of our deepest constitutional values and the very moral values of God.

When we see this current Senate, under the leadership of Senate Leader McConnell, refuse to pass a stimulus bill because they care more about corporate greed and tax cuts for the wealthy than they do for people who are sick, dying, suffering economically and hurting, we declare that it is sin.

When we see the attempt to steal Supreme Court seats over against their own assertion that it is wrong to do so after an election has already begun, that is sin.

When we see the refusal to reform policing to protect and serve, that is sin.

When we see the refusal to properly address the death and destruction of the coronavirus and to be more interested in denying healthcare than keeping people alive, that is sin.

When we see attempts to throw doubt and sow discord, division, and deceit into the general election, that is sin.

Before God and the values of our constitution, we’ve come today to render this judgment.

We have come to remind you that in the economy of God, a nation is judged by how she cares for the poor, the hungry, the homeless, the immigrant, the sick, and the least of these.

We have come to warn the Senate that your arms are too short to box with God.

We have come to warn you that your unholy alliance with lies and manipulation and lust for power and racism will be your undoing and will bring harm to the nation.

But we also say that you have the opportunity NOW to change.

If you do not change, then as Frederick Douglass said in 1857, just maybe your actions, your attitude, and your arrogance is just one final link in the chain of events preparatory to the downfall of your entire system of scheming against the people and against the values of God.

We declare that what you are doing will not deter people, but rather will embolden us to fight for the very things you seek to take away.

The healthcare you seek to destroy will result in universal healthcare.
The vote you try to suppress will result in a massive voter turnout and fresh laws to protect the right to vote.

The justice you seek to withhold from the people will lead to a fierce commitment to restructure our judicial system and our courts towards the calls of justice.

What you mean for evil shall work for good if you continue.

The dye has been cast and judgment will be rendered and ultimately your trickery, your manipulations will fail!

We are here as people of faith!
We are here as people of love!
We are here as people of peace!
We are here as people of justice!
We are here as people of hope!
We are here as people of truth!
We are here as people of collective power!

We speak out against stealing a Supreme Court seat
We speak out against refusing just stimulus

We speak out against the sins of stopping police reform
We speak out against the sins of stealing healthcare
We speak out against the sins of stifling living wages
We speak out against the sins of separating families
We speak out against the sins of injustice!

We cry out as the souls who have died without justice, Breonna Taylor.

We cry out as the souls who have died fighting for justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

We cry out as the 205,000 souls who have died because of the mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic, Our Family.

Where is their justice?
It’s rising up!

Justice is rising up in the voices of 140 million poor and low-income people in this nation
Justice is rising up in our vote
Justice is rising up in the vision of life we have for our future

We rise as people of justice
We rise as people of truth
We rise as people of faith

We will continue to rise up!



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